Friday, 10 May 2013

Time Holds the Key

Today was a nice day and I got to thinking how the heavy spring showers made everything look so green and fresh, even my old blind cat seemed to enjoy the rain today and I found myself watching the birds from my window- three fat wood pigeons (which really need to find themselves into my art soon), a rather nosy blackbird and a huge crow who took a long time preening and cleaning.

I had some great news that another of my Whisper of the Sith pieces has sold at Gallery Heinzel- "The Queen of Elphane" and tonight is also the opening preview of The Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition at the Art Gallery. Mum has kindly agreed to go along and give me a review of the night, as I'm not well enough to go in person, so she should be quaffing wine and enjoying the art right about now :)

My new planned works are mainly more birds and maybe some wildlife thrown into the mix. I am preparing for a small works show in June so that will keep me busy this month.

Here is the first new one "Time Holds the Key"- Ink and Gold Leaf

I am trying to achieve a connection with nature whilst transferring very human notions and ways of thinking in these new bird pieces. When I post my works online I often get people giving their interpretations of my work which I love. I guess the idea of this blog was to explain my "thinking" behind each piece. I've just about got used to that now so here's a bit about this one-
I used a cuckoo to represent "time" as the bird has been immortalised as so many little wooden effigies in the classic cuckoo clock timepiece. It's a reminder of the constant that is "time" and about living in the moment. Not so much a spiritual piece but one of quiet contemplation and noticing "the small things". Maybe also a reminder that the "bigger picture" is always blissfully out of reach and if we think too much, work to hard, forget to stop and pace then we miss so much and time moves on relentless and regardless.
I think this piece is a little "affirmation" to myself and my need to rush against time more often than not. I hope you like it and can relate to it too.

Original now reserved for a customer 

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