Saturday, 25 May 2013

Little Red Riding Hood
I managed to squeeze in a small piece for the Bad Apples Artist Collective Auction this month, I wasn't sure if I would have time. The theme was Grimms Fairy Tales and my process went a bit like this-

- Speed read lots and lots of Grimm's Fairy Tales in the hope of finding a nice interesting and more obscure one to do............but then settle for an old favourite that I've depicted a few times in the past already.

- Do a small work, 2-3 hours max to fit with the low starting bid.............but then faff about with the piece over 2 weeks and do much more detail than intended.

- Stick to my tried and tested signature ink style.........but then have the bright idea to add some skin tone with coloured pencil and spend another couple of hours smoothing out the patches as I'm a little rusty with the medium. 

But here she is and after all that I quite like her.....

 Red- Ink & Coloured Pencil on Illustration Board

The Bad Apples Artist Collective are a group of International artists on Facebook who are probably defined loosely by an underlying pop surreal, illustrative style often with a focus on figurative works but not always. It's an exciting and diverse collective which I'm really happy to be part of.
Every month we get our "followers" to pick a theme which we draw/paint and the original works go on auction on our Facebook page. It often throws up interesting themes which take you away from your usual subjects so we all have a lot of fun with it. The Grimm Auction opens on the 28th May and runs for three days. Starting bids are just $75 plus shipping and there is a new "buy it now" option on day one.


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