Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holiday Drawings

I am really enjoying my holiday drawing spell. It's more like a mammoth colouring in session now as I have prepared a few ink pieces for colour. Here are the first 3 which will probably end up in my little Solo show in February- Just need to choose the framing.

 Tea Jenny- A little play on words with a Scottish expression. We call someone who loves to drink tea a "Tea Jenny" and of course the nickname for a Wren is Jenny so I thought I'd combine the 2 things here. I have been called a Tea Jenny many times, a cuppa is never far away. 

 Tea Jenny- Ink on Illustration Board

And this one is just good old Jenny Wren holding a little love token in her beak  

 Jenny Wren- Ink on Illustration Board

This one is Young Majesty. Ever since I drew my Sovereign Peacock last year I have been wanting to do some "royal" themed wildlife pieces so I guess he is the first of these new ones. I also have an inkling to do a set of birds based on the characters in Cludeo, this has been buzzing around my head for ages so maybe they will manifest in 2014. More colouring to come this week and I think my next drawing will include some Hares. 

  Young Majesty- Ink on Illustration Board

Thursday, 26 December 2013

All is Quiet & Still
I love the days after Christmas. There is no pressure to do anything or create anything yet probably for that very reason I find myself drawing like crazy with one eye on the box and one hand in the (chocolate) box. It's kind of perfect really. I hope everyone had a lovely festive time.
Currently I have 4 new pieces ready for colouring, not sure how that happened but I'm very pleased. There will be 2 new Wrens and a Fox Cub to come plus this one which is untitled at present. Here is a peek of it in progress, now fully inked & ready for colour as the next stage.
Untitled WIP

I have a lot of exhibitions booking up for 2014 already. The first will be mini Solo Exhibition in February at the lovely Newton Dee Village Cafe which is one of my very favourite places for a coffee or light lunch. It will be a nice ease into the New Year and many of the new pieces I am working on will end up there. 
I am also participating in a Gallery Show in downtown Salem US with the Bad Apples Artist Collective in March. I just completed a couple of new minis "Radar" & "Ritual" which will join "Remember" & "Release" from my "Familars" series for the show. 

Ritual- Ink & Silver Leaf- One of the pieces heading to Salem 

Off to enjoy some colouring, will post again soon. 

Best Wishes 
Anita x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a joyous festive holiday.
I haven't posted in a while so thought I would share just a little of what I've been up to-

You can catch some of my recent work in the following shows-
Gallery Heinzel Contempory Art Winter Exbition is on until February
The Meffan Juried Show is on until January

Already I have been booking up for next year so after a little break I'll be busy drawing again & look forward to sharing new works with you. Here are a few bits & pieces in the meantime-

The Kelpie- Heading to "Kelpies & Selkies" at the Yoga Tree in Stirling in February 

This is Aradia. One of my 8" x 10" pieces which have been a very popular size towards the end of the year. Aradia is still available at Swoon Gallery LA at the moment.

I also did a fun little mini series to celebrate "Winter" which was inspired by the Bad Apples Monthly Drawing Theme. Here are all my Winter Maiden Mini's, hope you enjoy them :)

Snowdrop- SOLD
 Snowflake- SOLD
 Silent Night- AVAILABLE
 Sweet December- AVAILABLE
 Flurry- SOLD

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole & Out the Other Side

Our Wonderland Exhibition
I haven't posted for wee while as I've been really busy with The Bad Apples Artist Collective "Alice in Wonderland" Exhibition which I have been hosting here in Scotland. It has been so exciting to bring all of my international artist pals over for this show which was a long time in the planning. It's causing quite a stir in our little "rural" venue.

We are also presenting the show online & will ship purchases at the show end- Have a peep here and check out all of the works created specially for the show.

Please don't miss it if you are in the area, there is much more to see at the venue- Here are the details-
Bad Apples Artist Collective presents Alice in Wonderland 
St Peters Heritage Hall
Station Road East
Open Saturdays & Sundays during October 2pm-4pm 
By Appointment viewings available October- January 
Email Anita for Sales & Appt Inquiries 

Here are my two pieces for the show. I enjoyed my trip down the rabbit hole and can't wait to return with ideas for more Wonderland pieces. In the meantime I have some show commitments to draw for in November firstly  

Only a Few Find the Way- Sales inquiries 

How Long is Forever ? SOLD (Ltd Edition Signed Giclee on Canvas available)

Here is a close up of the framing on these pieces, I'm really pleased with how they turned out

Gallery Heinzel Winter Exhibition 
I have a few winter exhibitions coming up and this is the one I'm drawing for just now. I completed my little Dartford Warbler and now I'm doing a second bird piece of Budgies, I was inspired to something colourful and my first pets were Budgies so I feel the piece is coming together quite quickly, they are familiar to me and I'm enjoying the "cheekiness" of their characters.
The other piece that I completed is slightly larger. The maiden I posted previously was probably a bit too large to finish on time so I have left her to one side for now and my new "maiden" has a theme of migration, journeys, goodbyes, hibernation and regeneration. An online friend suggested the name "Pilgrim" for her and this fitted perfectly as I think she is entering a "pilgrimage" of quiet contemplation and solitude over winter. It wasn't my intention to make her an expectant mother, but she appears to be, so maybe this is a wonderful restful time for her before her inner world changes again.
Hope you like these 2 new ones and I'll share my cheeky budgies with you soon.

Little Love Token


Sunday, 22 September 2013

New Artwork

Latest piece
As promised there is a first look at my sketching for my next bigger artwork. I'm not sure what the title will be as yet. Just a few lines at the moment and this scan is cropped so it is quite a bit bigger. I will post regular updates as it unfolds :)
If you come across this post please make people aware that is is World Rhino Day, join the Twitter Storm to raise awareness for the plight of our Rhinos by tweeting #iam4rhinos. Many Thanks xx

   Untitled WIP

Saturday, 21 September 2013

On the Drawing Board

More Adventures in Wonderland
I finished my second piece for "Alice in Wonderland" which opens in October. The exhibition will also be online so I promise to post all the works that our artists have been working on here too- can't wait to share with you. This is my White Rabbit piece. I thought a Caterpillar might emerge but I'm having a little break to start on other projects now, maybe I will return to this "series" soon.

How Long is Forever ? Ink on Illustration Board (Framed) 

Next on the Drawing Board 
I'm starting to work on some pieces for 2 shows in November at Swoon Gallery, California and a return to Gallery Heinzel for the mixed winter exhibition. I have been sketching a cute little Warbler today which is almost ready for ink and also a much larger "maiden" piece, I'm not sure who she is yet but I will try to post some of the sketches as I go along. The Swoon show will focus on traditional drawing and one of the pieces will be in Graphite, so I'm looking forward to the challenge- It will be a huge temptation to ink up the drawing I'm sure.

The wonderful L'innamorato Exhibition opened in Indiana last night. Congratulations to all the artists involved, it was so exciting to see the work revealed. I am very pleased to be a part of this.
One of my overseas friends was on hand to take some pics (the wonder of the internet), so here is my "Drawing Down the Moon" which I shared progress of here- all framed up at PottersWife Gallery.

 Drawing Down the Moon- Ink & Gold Leaf on Illustration Board (Framed) 
The online store for this exhibition is now open here-

Monday, 16 September 2013

Exhibition News & New Works

I haven't had a chance to write for a while due to preparing for a few exhibitions this month. I've been doing a little drawing in between labeling and packing & trips to the framers. Here is a little round up for you of what's new

Starlight & Moonlight
As promised I drew 2 more pieces in this mini series, they are now at The Milton Gallery, Crathes for their new exhibition "The Dancing Light" during September & October



One of my main exhibitions of the year is now on at Aberdeen Waldorf School for NEOS 2013 (North East Open Studios). The venue is exhibiting over 30 local artists and makers this week and is always well worth a visit if you are in the area. Dates are 14th-22nd September- 10am- 5pm Daily. Fresh off the drawing board today is a small Goldcrest which will be flying off to join the show on Wednesday.

"All That Glitters"

Opening this week also are two international shows- The very first Bad Apples Artist Collective exhibition opened on the 14th at Sonelab Studios, Massachusetts to coincide with the release of Issue 7 of "Meat for Tea- Bone". Sending a big thank you to our curator HeatherRose and Meat for Tea creator & editor Elizabeth McDuffie. The 2 pieces I have in the show were featured on both the poster and the cover of the mag (my first ever cover feature, so exciting !!). Sales inquiries can be made to- 

L'innamorato starts on the 20th September at the Potterswife Gallery, Indiana. We have had months of sneak peeps, artists interviews and shared inspirations, so I cannot wait to see the show revealed with such an exciting line-up selected by Dan Hudson & Aunia Kahn, very happy to be part of this. Do check out the website for the big launch this Friday.

The main new piece I have been working on lately is for the second Bad Apples "Live" Show "Alice in Wonderland" in October. She has been a little while in the making but I'm finally finished. It is an honour to be hosting this show in Aberdeen, Scotland and I will be sure to share with you when it opens on the 5th of October. If you are in the area please come along to St Peters Heritage Hall, Peterculter, Aberdeen, We will be open to the public every weekend in October Sat & Sun 2pm-4pm and by appointment viewings, just email me on if you would like to arrange this (appointments continue until January 2014). 
I have revisited the theme of Wonderland many times over the years. It was so much fun to take a trip down the rabbit hole again. This time I have gone for a very soft and romantic vision of Alice. Now I have ideas to tackle The Caterpillar & White Rabbit in this style, so stay tuned. 
Here is my first new Alice piece- 


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Foxes & Dreams

My Fox Fae piece is finished and at the framers this week.
The Bad Apples drawing theme for August was "Dreamland" and I went for something a little whimsical. I think this could be a more cosmopolitan version of my "Quirky Quines" and I have some ideas for 2 more pieces now, perhaps for the Milton Gallery show "The Dancing Light" which opens in September (and next up on the drawing board). Hope you like them xx

Fox Fae


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fairy Foxes & Whimsical Warblers

Home Sweet Home
A new little bird is finished, this one is a crested warbler. He is slightly out of habitat as he is found in the forests of Asia. I think the world is becoming a smaller place so perhaps "home sweet home" is wherever we lay our hat :) It has got me thinking to do some exotic birds soon in fantastical habitats (that's sounding really good fun !!).

Firstly I'm hoping to start on a large piece for my Edinburgh gallery. One of the sketches evolved into a little piece on its own, so I think my "Fox Fae" will be a companion to the larger work, here is a little progress on the drawing.

 Fae Fox WIP

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Stitch in Time
Today I finished "A Stitch in Time".
A little long-tailed tailor bird was the inspiration for this piece. 
This is the start of my new pieces for North East Open Studios in Sept. All of the new pieces will be available for purchase/reserve prior to the show. If you would like to inquire on any of my works drop me a message on

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Heist 
The wee bluebirds are finished. I changed the name to The Heist as I thought they looked like little bank robbers- up to mischief anyway.


Tweet Tweet

Tweet Tweet

Three small bird pieces in the making. I don't often multi-task on a few pieces at once but these ones just seemed to happen that way after the drawings came together quite quickly.
I get asked about my process quite a lot, its really as simple as possible- I'm not one for producing concept sketches, I work out my drawing straight onto the board. With the birdies, once I've decided which birds I want to feature in the piece I look at lots of reference photos to get the anatomy and character how I want them, the reference is always a loose guideline as I "stylise" my subjects and change up the "pose", adding my backgrounds and setting from imagination. I always draw free-hand using a mechanical pencil. I have a lovely set of graphite pencils in different grades but my trusty mechanical pencil allows for nice clean lines and keeps sharp with less smudging, so it's great for getting the initial drawing down.
For these pieces I have started to ink up over my pencil work in fineliner micron pens, I used a 0.2 point size but when I go onto the detail I will swap over to a tiny 0.05 and 0.01.
Next stage will be adding the colour and detail, I will be "painting" with ink pigment pens and perhaps a wee hightlight or two with watercolour pencil. Hope you enjoy seeing them in progress.

A Stitch In Time WIP (This is a long tailed Tailor Bird) and Home Sweet Home WIP 

Little Blessings WIP


Sunday, 4 August 2013

Piku Punahilkka
Finished my latest "Red Riding Hood" piece this evening :) I'm really pleased as it was a slow process hampered by a horrible cold and fever all week, so just managed little bits at a time. My medicine will be some smaller pieces next, some more birdies and I'm looking forward to creating something for this months Bad Apples drawing theme, which is "Dreamland". I see the opportunity to try something a little surreal perhaps and over the next week I'll be reading about Dream Symbolism to get in the mood :)

Piku Punahilkka- Ink on Illustration Board
Exhibition News
I'm still working on my new Red Riding Hood piece and hope to be finished over the weekend. Meanwhile I'd like to share quite a few exhibitions that I have on at the moment where you can see my art in person.

Feathers, Fables & Fur
Solo Exhibition
Monymusk Art Centre
Monymusk nr Inverurie
Aug 3rd- Aug 30th
Open Daily 10am-4pm (closed on Mondays)

I have a large selection of framed pieces in the show and browser works (originals & prints) as well as a selection of greeting cards. My dad William Inverarity is guesting with a selection of miniature paintings and as always the centre has a great range of artisan crafts by local makers. 
Its a lovely picturesque venue in the charming village of Monymusk- perfect for an arty day out.
Included in the exhibition is my set of Aesops Fables drawings, being shown together for the first time.

The Lion & The Mouse- One of my Aesops Fables Drawings in the Exhibition 

Junction Arts (Summer Show & Bird) 
Junction Arts  Gallery
Holburn Street 

After a short holiday, Junction Arts is opening with its new summer showcase on the 6th Aug. As well as brand new works the show "Bird" is being continued throughout August. This is the piece I created specially for "Bird". 

Silence is Golden- Available at Junction Arts- Holburn Street

The Nicole Porter Gallery Members Exhibition 
The Nicole Porter Gallery 
King Street 

Really happy to be taking part in the second Members show of the year at Nicoles beautiful gallery. I have submitted 2 of my recent bird paintings. 

The Jay & Jewel- One of my pieces available at the Nicole Porter Gallery 

The Milton Gallery Summer Exhibition 
The Milton Gallery 

Its the last month of the popular Summer Exhibition at Milton Gallery. Showing a wide selection of works from gallery regulars. I think I just have one piece left in the show from my "Quirky Quines" series of works. A little bit of whimsy, inspired by the Scottish countryside. My "Quines" meaning "Girls in my native dialect like to have adventures around Scotland with their animal companions. Look out for some new "Quines" being created for NEOS 2013 soon. 

Molly's Midnight Garden- Available at The Milton Gallery 

Art at the Airport with Gallery Heinzel
Gate 4 
Aberdeen Airport 

If you are jetting off on holiday during August you can catch some of my bigger pieces from the "Whisper of the Sith" series at Aberdeen Airport 

Baobhan Sith- Available at the Airport via Gallery Heinzel, Thistle Street, Aberdeen 

Gallery on the Corner 
Northumberland Street (off Dundas Street) 

And finally I have a selection of work at the wonderful Gallery on the Corner in Edinburgh. I plan to go down again in Sept with some new pieces but in the meantime you can find some of my "Quirky Quines" there (with an Edinburgh theme) and wildlife and wonderland works :)

Elenors Empanage (Edinburgh Castle)- One of my "Quirky Quines" currently at Gallery on the Corner  

Very happy to be getting my works out and about at all these wonderful locations and big thank yous to my partner Phil and mum and dad for helping to set up at Monymusk for me. Hope you can manage to see some of the shows during August. 

Anita xx

Friday, 26 July 2013

Piku Punahilkka

My latest piece is another "Little Red Riding Hood" artwork. I have returned to this story many times over the years for inspiration. I think its my favourite of the Grimms Fairy Tales. The poor wolf comes to a sticky end and I'm not so keen on that as an animal lover, but the story has such wonderful imagery of dark forests and creepy enchantment.
My version has that "folk" vibe that I love to draw. I think of it as a blend of many ancient folk cultures- from my own Scottish roots and borrowing glimmers from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe & Russia. I think is has evolved into a fantasy hybrid from my romantic ideas of Fairy & Folk tales.
The title of the piece "Piku Punahilkka" translates roughly to "Little Red Hood" in Finnish. I have a fascination with the rhythm and sounds of different languages and this seemed to really fit with the vibe of the piece.
So here is a little WIP for you as I start on the drawing and inking, I'm still working out lots as I go along here. You can see that I plan a little wolf in the background, but I promise it will look less like a loo-brush in the finished piece.   

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cats & Birds
So this week I went for another wee cat piece with a slight Egyptian/Folk vibe. I have some more ideas running around my head on the cat theme, but had a little break out to work on 3 small bird pieces (a bit smaller than my usual size). All these latest works are the start of my preparation for North East Open Studios (NEOS) in September. I will be returning to Aberdeen Waldorf School again with our group and welcoming lots of new faces this year, should be fun.
On the drawing board just now is a new Red Riding Hood piece, I should have a WIP for you tomorrow.

Revere- Ink & Silver Leaf - Purchase inquiries welcome with shipping at end of Sept

Keepsake- Ink & Gold Leaf - Purchase inquires welcome with shipping in Sept

These two little sparrow pieces I see as being a home blessing, or new house welcoming gift- They are quite cute and tiny :)

Hearth- Ink & Gold Leaf- Purchase inquiries welcome with shipping in Sept

Hame- Ink & Gold Leaf- Purchase inquiries welcome with shipping in Sept

Sunday, 21 July 2013


The third and final piece for the "Bone" exhibition is complete. I still haven't got the kitty cats out of my system yet so I've started on a brand new cat piece with a slightly egyptian/folk slant today, which will compliment this mini-series. There is an idea floating around my head for another small piece too, so perhaps 2 more cats to come soon :)

Remember- Ink/Metallic Pen/Silver Leaf on Illustration Board