Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Jay & the Jewel
This one has been in progress most of the week so happy to be finished, lots of layers of blue here and I really enjoyed doing him.
The piece is about how we covet beautiful things. It's human nature to collect precious items or to adorn ourselves and we have been doing this since primitive times. My own personal weakness is gemstones and jewellery I guess and I probably have more than is actually possible to wear.
The piece is a reminder that the most beautiful jewels are to be found in nature, the living, breathing creatures and plants that make our planet what it is and how we need to look after it. I could go on and on here about what we don't do or need to do but it's just a simple message I though about when drawing a lovely Jay, so common but yet so exotic and precious too. Hope you like him :)

The Jay & the Jewel (Ink on Illustration Board). For our June Exhibition at Peterculter Heritage Hall "Folklore, Figures & Feathers" with Tracey Swift.

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