Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Here is the final wall piece for my June show. I'm not quite finished on the bird theme with more small works to be added throughout the show as many are already flying away to new homes.
I'm also really pleased to be taking part in the Junction Arts birthday show in at the end of June which is on the theme of birds too.

This one is about companionship and the sort of comfortable relationship that allows you to be yourself completely with another. The sort of relationship that doesn't feel like hard work, doesn't need drama or compromise- its just a good fit. It can be about love or about friendship or family, those people who are closest and special to you.
Its a little affirmation that wherever you are there is someone who is that special companion, a partner, a spouse, a soul mate, a parent or a wonderful friendship. Maybe my little cardinals are still searching but ever hopeful, maybe they have already found happiness together but one thing is certain, they are just comfortable to be who they are. 


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