Thursday, 24 January 2013

Whisper of the Sith (Work in Progress)
Some more work in progress. I have been inking across the foreground mainly and have started composing the sketch on the right hand side, including a crow. There will be 2 Sith Cats, 2 Crows and 2 owls in the final piece. The second Sith Cat is now inked and waiting for his background to emerge. On track to finish this one by the end of January.
Other pieces I have been working on have included some on Goddess Myth. I will share a few in the blog as the style is very complimentary and I'm sure ideas from these smaller works will find their way into this project too.

The Foreground taking shape- Still deciding how to pattern the "offering bowl"

The second Sith Cat being inked and some pencil sketching in the right hand corner 

"Imogen" One of my recent "Goddess" pieces- Jan 2013- Sold 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Whisper of the Sith (Work in Progress 2) 
Really happy to be working on the artwork again- a winter bug has had me lying low this last few days as well as breaking out to prepare works for exhibitions in February.
I'm working down the left hand side of the board where the drawing detail is almost complete. I'm still thinking a lot on the right hand side which needs working on. I have contemplated a second figure but think there will be an archway and an alter "still life" instead. Next is getting those ideas down.
Here I am inking in the costume detail and the first Sith Cat. I used a dark grey on the cat rather than black to show the texture in the coat and its difficult to see in the this small scan but you can see all the fine hairs on the Sith Cats coat. I'm hoping that it has a dark enough contrast to appear like a black cat bathed in moonlight.

Other interesting Sith Cat findings include the idea that the Sith Cat is linked to the Kellis Cat- A hybrid between a domestic cat and a Scottish Wild Cat, although its description appears to be a bit more exotic. There are strong links to a shape shifting nature. As mentioned before Witches were said to take the form of the black Sith Cat. The Irish version is the more recognised "Sidhe" Cat meaning of the Fairy Folk and although these cat legends are more prevalent in Scotland the Irish believed the cats were Fairies in disguise.
A Highlands superstition claimed that the Sith Cat could steal the soul of a dead person before they could complete their journey in the afterlife, so the relatives would guard over the body to prevent this happening. It was also forbidden to light a fire in the same room as the body as the Sith Cat would be drawn to the heat.

The costume taking shape and the first Sith Cat 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Whisper of the Sith (Work in Progress)

A very happy New Year to you all- Nice and quiet round here so managed a tiny bit of inking on Whisper of the Sith. The background is beginning to evolve.