Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Nights Are Drawing In
My inspiration for this piece was rather spontaneous. My friend Robin Key has been very kind and encouraging towards my art. I exhibited with Robin at North East Open Studios last year at Aberdeen Waldorf School and look forward to that again this year. Robin is a fine art jeweler working in precious metals and precious and semi precious stones (which I also love). So this piece is literally a Robin with a Key. "The Nights are Drawing In" is probably a native Scottish expression I think- to describe the dark nights in the lead up to winter when the clocks turn back. It's a bit out of season to be drawing a wee robin red breast but I really wanted to include one in this series.

My next 2 pieces are celebrating common yet very exotic looking birds from the US- The Blue Jay and the Red Cardinal. I enjoyed doing my cheeky Cardinal so much that I'm doing a pair of them and I wanted to do another Jay after including them in my "Jackalope Garden" piece. After those I plan to get back to my Pheasant drawing, which is not quite worked out in full yet.

Original currently on reserve for a viewing


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