Saturday, 11 May 2013

Take me where the wind blows

Here is my next little bird piece. This one is about freedom and being spontaneous. I love to watch the swallows and swifts at this time of year darting about and making their nests and knowing that their sense of "home" is just a fleeting seasonal thing.
I have a disability which requires careful management and "pacing" so just popping out to do something new and spontaneous is difficult and I "forget" to try new things often because of that, sometimes just seeing my obvious limitations. My idea of being spontaneous is often something really mundane like matching up my sock drawer and although this feels like an achievement its not really and truly something "fun".  
So another little "affirmation" piece to remind me to try harder at finding fun things to do :) I hope it makes you think of having adventures too (however big or small). 

Take me where the wind blows- Ink & Gold Leaf

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