Saturday, 28 December 2013

Holiday Drawings

I am really enjoying my holiday drawing spell. It's more like a mammoth colouring in session now as I have prepared a few ink pieces for colour. Here are the first 3 which will probably end up in my little Solo show in February- Just need to choose the framing.

 Tea Jenny- A little play on words with a Scottish expression. We call someone who loves to drink tea a "Tea Jenny" and of course the nickname for a Wren is Jenny so I thought I'd combine the 2 things here. I have been called a Tea Jenny many times, a cuppa is never far away. 

 Tea Jenny- Ink on Illustration Board

And this one is just good old Jenny Wren holding a little love token in her beak  

 Jenny Wren- Ink on Illustration Board

This one is Young Majesty. Ever since I drew my Sovereign Peacock last year I have been wanting to do some "royal" themed wildlife pieces so I guess he is the first of these new ones. I also have an inkling to do a set of birds based on the characters in Cludeo, this has been buzzing around my head for ages so maybe they will manifest in 2014. More colouring to come this week and I think my next drawing will include some Hares. 

  Young Majesty- Ink on Illustration Board

Thursday, 26 December 2013

All is Quiet & Still
I love the days after Christmas. There is no pressure to do anything or create anything yet probably for that very reason I find myself drawing like crazy with one eye on the box and one hand in the (chocolate) box. It's kind of perfect really. I hope everyone had a lovely festive time.
Currently I have 4 new pieces ready for colouring, not sure how that happened but I'm very pleased. There will be 2 new Wrens and a Fox Cub to come plus this one which is untitled at present. Here is a peek of it in progress, now fully inked & ready for colour as the next stage.
Untitled WIP

I have a lot of exhibitions booking up for 2014 already. The first will be mini Solo Exhibition in February at the lovely Newton Dee Village Cafe which is one of my very favourite places for a coffee or light lunch. It will be a nice ease into the New Year and many of the new pieces I am working on will end up there. 
I am also participating in a Gallery Show in downtown Salem US with the Bad Apples Artist Collective in March. I just completed a couple of new minis "Radar" & "Ritual" which will join "Remember" & "Release" from my "Familars" series for the show. 

Ritual- Ink & Silver Leaf- One of the pieces heading to Salem 

Off to enjoy some colouring, will post again soon. 

Best Wishes 
Anita x

Friday, 20 December 2013

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a joyous festive holiday.
I haven't posted in a while so thought I would share just a little of what I've been up to-

You can catch some of my recent work in the following shows-
Gallery Heinzel Contempory Art Winter Exbition is on until February
The Meffan Juried Show is on until January

Already I have been booking up for next year so after a little break I'll be busy drawing again & look forward to sharing new works with you. Here are a few bits & pieces in the meantime-

The Kelpie- Heading to "Kelpies & Selkies" at the Yoga Tree in Stirling in February 

This is Aradia. One of my 8" x 10" pieces which have been a very popular size towards the end of the year. Aradia is still available at Swoon Gallery LA at the moment.

I also did a fun little mini series to celebrate "Winter" which was inspired by the Bad Apples Monthly Drawing Theme. Here are all my Winter Maiden Mini's, hope you enjoy them :)

Snowdrop- SOLD
 Snowflake- SOLD
 Silent Night- AVAILABLE
 Sweet December- AVAILABLE
 Flurry- SOLD