Wednesday, 7 August 2013

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Three small bird pieces in the making. I don't often multi-task on a few pieces at once but these ones just seemed to happen that way after the drawings came together quite quickly.
I get asked about my process quite a lot, its really as simple as possible- I'm not one for producing concept sketches, I work out my drawing straight onto the board. With the birdies, once I've decided which birds I want to feature in the piece I look at lots of reference photos to get the anatomy and character how I want them, the reference is always a loose guideline as I "stylise" my subjects and change up the "pose", adding my backgrounds and setting from imagination. I always draw free-hand using a mechanical pencil. I have a lovely set of graphite pencils in different grades but my trusty mechanical pencil allows for nice clean lines and keeps sharp with less smudging, so it's great for getting the initial drawing down.
For these pieces I have started to ink up over my pencil work in fineliner micron pens, I used a 0.2 point size but when I go onto the detail I will swap over to a tiny 0.05 and 0.01.
Next stage will be adding the colour and detail, I will be "painting" with ink pigment pens and perhaps a wee hightlight or two with watercolour pencil. Hope you enjoy seeing them in progress.

A Stitch In Time WIP (This is a long tailed Tailor Bird) and Home Sweet Home WIP 

Little Blessings WIP



  1. thank you for sharing your process and showing us pieces as they are unfolding. it is wonderful to see how you go about your beautiful art.