Sunday, 4 August 2013

Piku Punahilkka
Finished my latest "Red Riding Hood" piece this evening :) I'm really pleased as it was a slow process hampered by a horrible cold and fever all week, so just managed little bits at a time. My medicine will be some smaller pieces next, some more birdies and I'm looking forward to creating something for this months Bad Apples drawing theme, which is "Dreamland". I see the opportunity to try something a little surreal perhaps and over the next week I'll be reading about Dream Symbolism to get in the mood :)

Piku Punahilkka- Ink on Illustration Board


  1. I really love this one, Neets.
    Hope you are well x

  2. such a beautiful piece. it overflows with feeling and the small wolf in the background, howling at the moon is a wonderful detail.

    i hope you are feeling better.