Saturday, 12 October 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole & Out the Other Side

Our Wonderland Exhibition
I haven't posted for wee while as I've been really busy with The Bad Apples Artist Collective "Alice in Wonderland" Exhibition which I have been hosting here in Scotland. It has been so exciting to bring all of my international artist pals over for this show which was a long time in the planning. It's causing quite a stir in our little "rural" venue.

We are also presenting the show online & will ship purchases at the show end- Have a peep here and check out all of the works created specially for the show.

Please don't miss it if you are in the area, there is much more to see at the venue- Here are the details-
Bad Apples Artist Collective presents Alice in Wonderland 
St Peters Heritage Hall
Station Road East
Open Saturdays & Sundays during October 2pm-4pm 
By Appointment viewings available October- January 
Email Anita for Sales & Appt Inquiries 

Here are my two pieces for the show. I enjoyed my trip down the rabbit hole and can't wait to return with ideas for more Wonderland pieces. In the meantime I have some show commitments to draw for in November firstly  

Only a Few Find the Way- Sales inquiries 

How Long is Forever ? SOLD (Ltd Edition Signed Giclee on Canvas available)

Here is a close up of the framing on these pieces, I'm really pleased with how they turned out

Gallery Heinzel Winter Exhibition 
I have a few winter exhibitions coming up and this is the one I'm drawing for just now. I completed my little Dartford Warbler and now I'm doing a second bird piece of Budgies, I was inspired to something colourful and my first pets were Budgies so I feel the piece is coming together quite quickly, they are familiar to me and I'm enjoying the "cheekiness" of their characters.
The other piece that I completed is slightly larger. The maiden I posted previously was probably a bit too large to finish on time so I have left her to one side for now and my new "maiden" has a theme of migration, journeys, goodbyes, hibernation and regeneration. An online friend suggested the name "Pilgrim" for her and this fitted perfectly as I think she is entering a "pilgrimage" of quiet contemplation and solitude over winter. It wasn't my intention to make her an expectant mother, but she appears to be, so maybe this is a wonderful restful time for her before her inner world changes again.
Hope you like these 2 new ones and I'll share my cheeky budgies with you soon.

Little Love Token


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  1. I'm so pleased that the show was a success!