Friday, 26 July 2013

Piku Punahilkka

My latest piece is another "Little Red Riding Hood" artwork. I have returned to this story many times over the years for inspiration. I think its my favourite of the Grimms Fairy Tales. The poor wolf comes to a sticky end and I'm not so keen on that as an animal lover, but the story has such wonderful imagery of dark forests and creepy enchantment.
My version has that "folk" vibe that I love to draw. I think of it as a blend of many ancient folk cultures- from my own Scottish roots and borrowing glimmers from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe & Russia. I think is has evolved into a fantasy hybrid from my romantic ideas of Fairy & Folk tales.
The title of the piece "Piku Punahilkka" translates roughly to "Little Red Hood" in Finnish. I have a fascination with the rhythm and sounds of different languages and this seemed to really fit with the vibe of the piece.
So here is a little WIP for you as I start on the drawing and inking, I'm still working out lots as I go along here. You can see that I plan a little wolf in the background, but I promise it will look less like a loo-brush in the finished piece.   


  1. I very much enjoy your WIP's. to see your sketching and then your cleaner inking is such a joy. Plus your hooded ladies are wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much Tammie :) Yes my pencil workings tend to be very loose- sometimes I draw the whole thing in pencil or like this one I continue to work it out as I start inking xx