Saturday, 15 December 2012

Rashiecoats Work in Progress
Some more progress on my Rashiecoats drawing today. More of the foliage and birds are being inked. I will probably leave the colour until last on the birds to see how much they need- as you can see, I work in a very limited palette with just a touch of grey tones and pink. Her face and hair is complete now and the black background helps me get an idea of the contrasts in the drawing working out. Right now I'm working out more of the fine detail on the costume and background in pencil. Here are a few updated images and the continuation of the tale.

Rashiecoats (The Story) Part 2
The hand maiden this time told Rashiecoats to go to her father and ask him to make a coat of feathers. So the the king sent his servants to feed the birds and every bird in the land came down and in exchange for a grain of corn they left a feather. The royal seamstresses worked for 7 days and 7 nights to weave the most beautiful coat of feathers. Rashiecoats loved it and it felt so light and warm but still she did not want to marry her chosen suitor. So again she asked the hand maiden for advice.
This time you must ask for a coat fitting of your name- a beautiful coat made from the lush rushes on the riverbank said the hand maiden. Rashiecoats made this request and this time the hand maiden offered to make the coat herself. The hand maiden took much less time (being descended from the fae folk) and she added a magical enchantment into the weave of the coat. The hand maiden also made a pair of matching slippers and to these she added an even more potent enchantment. Rashiecoats was quite overcome when she saw the beautiful and intricate design of the coat and slippers but before her father could see it she shed a tear and told the hand maiden that she could not see a way out of marrying this time.
Then it is time for you to go out into the world and seek your own path. Take the three coats and the enchanted slippers with you for they are woven with magic and will protect you along the way. Now make haste before the King notices you are gone- said the hand maiden.  

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