Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Rashiecoats (Work in Progress)

My second piece "Rashiecoats" is beginning to come together. The rough pencil layout is complete and I have started a portion of the inking. I will continue to draw and ink across the piece, working out the fine detail of the drawing as I go. This seems to be the way I like to work best.
This one has a portrait layout and an all together more feminine energy. In the story, Rashiecoats has a magical coat woven from rushes by the royal hand maiden. I especially wanted to have fun creating her costume in a mixture of rustic weave and intricate pattern as I imagined the attention to detail would be high in the royal household.
Rashiecoats is our very own Scottish version of the Cinderella tale, which has variations throughout the world and of course is a well loved favourite with little girls everywhere. I am not sure where the tale originated but the Scottish version has some wonderful imagery. I would like to share the whole tale as I draw this piece so bear with me as the story unfolds.

Rashiecoats Story (Part 1)  
Rashiecoats was the daughter of a wealthy Scottish King. She appears to have been a very strong willed girl and was close to her hand maiden since losing her mother at a young age. The hand maiden was said to have been born of the Fae Folk or Sidhe and taught Rashiecoats the magical arts as well as how to cook and sew.
When the time came the old King chose a husband for Rashiecoats, as was the way back then. Rashiecoats found the man to be ugly and heard he was mean spirited so she really did not want to marry him. She asked her hand maiden for advice. The Hand Maiden told her to ask her father to weave her a coat from the finest gold thread in the land and then maybe she would consider getting married.
The Kings seamstresses worked for 7 days and 7 nights and Rashiecoats was presented with the most beautiful coat of gold which shone like the sun in the the weak rays of Scottish daylight..... but her heart was still heavy, she didnt want to marry this man. So Rashiecoats again asked the hand maiden for advice......

Some close up details from my first sketches. The inspiration was taken from a bit later in the story. Tune in to find out what happens to Rashiecoats next time. 

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