Thursday, 20 December 2012

Rashiecoats (Work in Progress)

I have made a lot of progress with my drawing these last few days. I think there comes a point when drawing on this large scale when you can see the complete piece come together. Its like a turning point that inspires a "quickening" towards the end result- a very nice feeling. Here are some more details for you and the next instalment of the story ...

The canopy of birds is complete with some added colour. Details are coming together on the costume with the Petticoats ready for inking. The little Dear is complete and just out of shot I am away to start on a Barn Owl.   

Rashiecoats (The Story- Part 3)
So Rashiecoats left the palace and walked for many days and nights. She wore the coat of gold and the sun rays would find her and warm her bones. She wore the coat of feathers and all the birds would come down and find food to keep her strong. She wore the coat of rushes and the woodland animals would appear and lead her to water. Eventually she came upon a grand castle and they happened to be looking for a new kitchen maid. Rashiecoats settled into her new life well. The new handmaiden was quite grumpy and her daughter unpleasant but Rashiecoats could cook and sew well and happily went about her tasks whilst watching the royal family in the courtyard. The young handsome prince caught her eye and he was so kind to his horses and dogs she was sure he was the sort of man she would love to marry but alas to be stuck in the kitchen as a lowly maid, she didn't dare to dream of such a thing.
Every Sunday the Royal family would attend the Kirk on the hill to hear the sermon and give worship. The grumpy handmaiden and her unpleasant daughter would attend to look after the young princesses. Rashiecoats was not allowed to go, she had to stay in the kitchen and prepare the evenings meal.
One Sunday Rashiecoats decided to use magic to prepare the food and give her time to steal away to the Kirk. She wore her golden coat and when she entered the Kirk everyone turned to stare and a whisper went around the room "Who was this beautiful young woman ?" everyone wondered. The prince was enchanted and knew he must speak to this girl. He fidgeted throughout the sermon and at the end turned to find Rashiecoats had gone. Whilst the sun was setting Rashiecoats had slipped away and the suns last rays caught her coat whisking her up into the sky and back to the castle before anyone could notice. All the prince was left with was the dance of fireflys in the fading sunlight and a heavy heart.....  

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