Saturday, 22 December 2012

Artwork completed and off to the framers today just in time for Christmas. I have to say a huge thank you to Lesley and Bruce at Frameworks gallery for their expert service and beautiful job on framing these works.

Here is the finished piece with some close ups and the last instalment of the story- will Rashiecoats live happily ever after ?
The little personal touches I included in this piece include a rose quartz pendulum which I own and I thought rather whimsically that the owl with the pendulum might be helping the prince to find Rashiecoats, maybe it led him to that slipper. The rose quartz stone also represents love and fertility. I have also told the "fairy tale" in my own words adding some of my own imagery as a tribute to the word of mouth storytelling tradition. Whilst researching the story I found slightly different versions although the main points remain the same and I was drawn in particular to a video I found of a traditional storyteller reciting the tale- this inspired me to add to it and embellish it a bit.

The finished artwork- A1 on Illustration Board

Some close up details. The Owl changed a wee bit from the original sketch, which you can see if you look back at my posts.    

Rashiecoats (The Story- final part)
The prince was determined to find the beautiful stranger who had visited the kirk, so he took the slipper and sent his best guardsmen on a mission. The young lady who fits into this dainty slipper must surely be my princess he said.
Well the grumpy handmaiden saw a perfect opportunity to marry her daughter off to the prince and together they hatched a plan. The daughter bound her foot tightly and pulled on a silk stocking to hide the binding. When the guardsman came knocking she pushed her foot into the slipper quite easily. The prince got word that his princess had been found and he was so excited until he saw the girl. This surly faced lass was not the young lady from the church for sure. However the prince was a man of his word and he whisked off the hand maidens daughter on his horse so they could prepare for the wedding. The first stop was the goldmine to get his bride a ring cast- when there the enchanted slipper began to whisper and sing "This is not your bride, the one you seek is Rashiecoats". Did you hear that ? the prince said and the hand maidens daughter just grunted in reply. He surely must be imagining things. Off they set to the next town to purchase new linen and a fine duck down quilt for the royal bed. Again the slipper sang out "This is not your bride, the one you see is Rashiecoats" and all the birds seemed to echo the song "Rashie- coats" "Rashie-coats". His bride to be didnt seem to hear a thing but the prince was getting quite anxious by now.
In the final town they set about ordering the finest food for the wedding banquet. The slipper sang out louder than ever and this time it wriggled and jumped clean off the handmaidens daughters foot. Immediately the binding came loose and out popped a rather big foot with unsightly bunions.
The prince was furious at this trickery. They galloped all the way back to the castle and he had some serious words with the handmaiden and her daughter. They were told to set about cleaning the castle from top to bottom as there would still be a wedding........... if only he could find the girl.
With a heavy heart the prince ambled down to the kitchen to fetch a pitcher of beer. There stirring the pot this way and that was Rashiecoats. As soon as she looked up and gave a smile the prince knew he had found his bride. Overjoyed he pulled the slipper from his coat and said "I believe this belongs to you". Rashiecoats smiled and pulled on the slipper. The prince immediately asked for her hand in marriage and wondered why he hadn't noticed the girl before, she was clearly of royal upbringing under her raggedy work clothes.
He held his breath whilst Rashiecoats pondered his request and then she simply replied "Aye".           

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