Friday, 21 December 2012

Rashiecoats Update

So Rashiecoats is finally finished. She is just being scanned and stitched together so I can share some close ups and the completed artwork with you- Hopefully tomorrow as its getting late here. I thought I'd catch up on the story a bit for you and share some smaller wildlife pieces I did recently which may serve as studies for future works in this project, certainly I've included Hares and Owls so far and there will definitely be a host of other animals along the way.

Celtic Hare

Secrets- Available at the Woodend Barn- Langbyre Gallery until the end of January

Curious Hare

Solitude- Available at the Woodend Barn- Langbyre Gallery until the end of January

Rashiecoats the Story (Part 4)
And so came round the next Sabbath. Rashiecoats again used magic to do her chores and stole away to the Kirk wearing this time her coat of feathers. The congregation all turned to stare and once more everyone wondered who the beautiful stranger was. The prince again fidgeted through the sermon, he simply must talk to this girl. As the sermon came to an end and as the moon was rising Rashiecoats slipped out of the kirk. All the birds of the land came down and carried her off in her coat of fine feathers back to the palace kitchen before a soul could notice. The prince was once again left looking around in bewilderment.
The next Sunday came around and Rashiecoats ensured she could go to the kirk again. This time she wore the coat of rushes and the very special enchanted slippers. It was Samhein night and the moon was full and magic was in the air.  
Well everyone gasped out loud as she looked at her most lovely and the prince fidgeted so much the king had to prod him in the ribs so he wouldn't appear to be rude.
Under the witching moon Rashiecoats slipped away and all the woodland creatures came by and led her to the stream which washed her back to the palace in the twinkling of an eye.
The prince had ran down the hill to see if he could catch her, but to no avail. All that was left was a finely woven slipper made of rushes sitting on the bank of the stream......

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