Saturday, 6 July 2013

Feathers, Fables & Fur

Feathers, Fables & Fur 
The theme for my next solo exhibition opening on August 2nd at Monymusk Art Centre nr Inverurie.

I have most of my pieces for the show including a set of Aesops Fables drawings which will be on show together for the first time. I'm just adding some new bird pieces at the moment. I have been going real slowly as the weathers very hot this week, but have a lot of things lined up this summer, so need to get going with the new works. Hoping for a cool breeze :)

Here are the first 2 new birds-

The Gift

I also finished my little "Hiding Wren" to go along with the "Seeking Wren" . These ones should be headed to the MBC Annual Exhibition in August along with some other originals and brand new Ltd Ed Canvas Prints. I'll post news about the shows soon.

 Seeking Wren

Hiding Wren

You can also find my owl piece "Silence is Golden" at Junction Arts during July. It's the gallery's fifth birthday and the artists have all contributed a piece on the theme "Bird". I'm looking forward to seeing the show. Happy Birthday, Junction Arts !!


  1. hello,

    these are each wonderfully charming.

    wishing you a cool breeze ~

  2. Hola Anita,
    Soy seguidora de Tammie y encontre tu precioso blog. que bellos trabajos realizas y es claro que te ira de maravilla en tu exposición.
    Desde muy lejos te dejo mis comentarios y te estaré visitando.
    Yo tambien pinto y me gusta mucho la fantasía.
    Espero que me visites cuando puedas.
    Lorena de Chile

  3. I hope the weather improves for you soon, Neets.
    lovely artworks as always.