Friday, 1 March 2013

Whuppity Stoorie Progress 

More Inking today on "Fergus" the pig. Going to have a short nap and settle into a marathon inking session this evening

Whuppity Stoorie- The Story Part 3
Jeanie got the fright of her life when the old witch woman came knocking at her door. So much time had gone past that she had forgotten her promise.
"I'm here for the baby" was all she said.
"No" cried Jeanie "You can't take him, that is ridiculous and I won't let you"
"You have no choice" said the old witch "I placed a fairy curse on him and they will spirit him away regardless of anything".
Jeanie started to cry and shake "Is there nothing I can do ?"
"Well dearie, the only way to break the curse is to guess my name and that you will never do. You have 2 days, as I'm a fair witch, but after that I will ask you my name and if you cannot guess after 3 tries then whooosh baby Angus is off to the fairies. He will fetch a good price for me and an old lady has to eat after all".
With that the old witch disappeared again leaving Jeanie in despair. All night she stayed awake trying to guess the witches name- Long Stocking, Crinkle Hat, Wrinkle Nose, Dumpling Toes...... Cat Whisper, White Whisker, Pudding Mixer......... and on and on her mind races. There must be a clue somewhere. Soon the sun was coming up and the Cockerel crowed. Poor Jeanie was none the wiser.

Some more details added to the Pig

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