Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Whuppity Stoorie- First Inking 

Here is a peek at the first inking of "Whuppity Stoorie" which I did the other day. Cracking on with it now, so will share more soon. I'm using quite warm grey tones in this one to give it a soft, rustic effect but may need some more highlights and low lights which I'll see better when more is complete.

Whuppity Stoorie- Second part of the story

So a few years passed and Jeanie was still best friends with Fergus the pig but there was a new man in her life too. Tom MacDonald from up the road had turned out nae too bad after all. Soon Jeanie and Tom were wed and Tom came to live at the farm as first hand- the family were very happy and Tom and Fergus got on great. A year after the wedding wee Angus was born and everything was complete. Jeanie was blissfully happy and loved nothing more than strolling the countryside with Angus in his cozy blanket and Fergus trotting alongside. 

Then one day the old witch woman from the hill came knocking on the door......

Jeanie as a young girl

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