Thursday, 7 March 2013

Baobhan Sith

More Inking down on Baobhan Sith.
So the Baobhan Sith are a Fae race of Scottish Vampires. They are forest dwellers who hunt in groups and lure unsuspecting men by their great beauty. Unlike traditional vampires the Baobhan Sith use their talon like nails to draw blood and drink from their victims rather than fangs. It does not appear that there is any "coming back" from an encounter with the Boabhan Sith, they always kill their pray.
The descriptions I found say these Sith have flowing hair and are dressed in a green gown. They use their beauty to seduce men into "partying" with them and after they are intoxicated by the music and dance they fall victim to the Sith's vampiric ways.
I chose to dwell on the beautiful aspects of the Baobhan Sith in my drawing. I think my girl is waiting at the edge of the forest looking out for travelers to lure to her waiting sisters. The cat and the owl represent creatures of the night and the nocturnal. There is just a tiny hint of a more sinister side to her with her long nails, in particular the one she uses to puncture her victims is shielded from view by some ornamentation. There is also a scent bottle and herb pouch which I see as her tools for seduction.
So really in this one you need to look deep within the "disguise" to see the story itself, a bit like the mysterious Baobhan Sith.

A few close ups of the inking in progress- Adding the colour today. This will be my sixth piece in the series (now including Dia Greine) with 2 more large pieces to go. I hope to continue with a series of small works after that to tie in with the theme.


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