Monday, 4 March 2013

Whuppity Stoorie- The finished piece
Here is the finished artwork. I'm happy that I went with retaining a more playful fairy tale vibe on this one. I did debate on whether to leave the pig "smiling" but I think it fits his benevolent nature and in the end the pig saves the day. I took quite a lot of liberties with the story. Traditionally the female character was a farmers wife who had been left holding the baby when her husband ran off and the pig was not such a key element in the story, nor was he magical- that is the more known traditional version. I suppose in this case I have retold it to fit with my artwork, so both things inspired each other and its more of a children's tale.
I may have a venue for the project exhibition lined up now and the deadline has been moved forward to the end of April so I have put all other works on hold to work on these pieces full time over the next month.

The next piece I have started on is Baobhan Sith, a seductive Vampire Fae particular to Scotland. Stay tuned and in the meantime here are the pics of Whuppity Stoorie and the last part of the story.

Whuppity Stoorie- The story, final part
Jeanie thought to herself that there was no point fretting any longer as she only had 2 days to spend with baby Angus. She decided to go on one of her long favourite walks with Angus and Fergus and try to enjoy the time. Jeanie wasn't sure what she was going to tell Tom or the family so she would have a think about that too.
On the first day the sun was shining and they visited all Jeanies favourite spots, the secret clearing in the woods and the sandy bank by the burn. Fergus was rooting about for truffles but seemed distracted. He kept trying to pull Jeanie west in the direction of the old quarry.
"Don't be silly Fergus. I don't want to spend our last days at the old quarry, there is nothing beautiful there, just a pile of old stones and a dirty big puddle at the bottom".
The next morning they set off again but Fergus was determined they were heading to the quarry, he set off at quite a pace and Jeanie had to run to keep up with Angus bobbing to and fro in his blanket.
Reaching the edge of the quarry Jeanie peered over and to her surprise she saw the old witch perched on a rock half way down. The witch was spinning gold thread and as she worked she sang to herself in a low croaky voice.
"The Quine is fair, the Quine is Bonny"
"The Quine disnae ken this Story"
"She'll naer guess in all her days that my name is...."
"Whuppity Stoorie"

Jeanie chuckled and couldn't believe her luck. She gave Fergus a big hug.
"You clever pig. I would never have guessed that name"
At night fall the witch came knocking and looked very pleased with herself.
"Well dearie ? You have 3 guesses"
Jeanie could not resist to have some fun so she scratched her chin and put on her best worried face.
"Is your name Mouldy Green Stink Foot ?" she said with a straight face.
"Hmff- No" said the witch and managed a cackle.
"Is it Warty Nose Puce Face ?"
"Eh- No. Hurry along dearie, your time is running out"
"I know, I know" said Jeanie and smiled.
"So I think your name must be...... Whuppity Stoorie"
Well the old witch gave a howl and before Jeanie could say anymore she vanished in a puff of smoke.

The family never saw or heard from Whuppity Stoorie again. Late in the evenings they could see smoke rise from her chimney pot and hear the sound of her spinning wheel but it was safe to say that the old witch was making her mischief elsewhere. She knew that the wee pig that she had saved could out smart her too easily.

     "Whuppity Stoorie" Finished Artwork and some close up details

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