Sunday, 2 June 2013

Silence is Golden
My latest piece is about enjoying silence and solitude, both things I find help my creativity. One of my favourite times to draw is late evening just after my partner has gone to bed and my little drawing space feels still and silent. After a while I become very aware of "nature noises" like the rush of the river behind our house and then the owls start hooting, I guess they are quite noisy but I never think of those sounds as breaking the silence if that makes any sense.
I chose a little screech owl as his very name seems like an absolute "racket" but I'm sure he has his quiet moments and I'm sure he must enjoy them as much as I do.
So far I have not spotted an owl in the wild here but clearly there are many right outside my window and one day I'm going to venture out in the night and see if I can find one of my drawing companions. I have a very happy memory of an encounter with a Barn Owl whilst holidaying in the East Neuk of Fife last year, he swooped right down past my head and it was such a thrill to see that spectral flash of cream against the black and starry sky. My first wild Owl encounter and I hope not the last, my own "neighbours" are being more elusive for now.   

Silence is Golden- Ink & Gold Leaf on Illustration Board- Original on Hold for Junction Arts Birthday Exhibition "Bird"

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