Friday, 7 June 2013

Along Came A Spider
I just finished my "spider" piece. It's called "Arachnid" and is for the Bad Apples Artist Collective monthly drawing theme which was "phobia".
I don't think I have a phobia of spiders as such, I can happily play with a little "money" spider or watch one weave its web at my window, the big exotic ones are quite fascinating and beautiful too although I'm not sure I'd fair well face to face with one. The spiders that make me shiver are the huge and very very fast garden spiders which sometimes appear in the house, they kind of sneak up on you and skitter along really fast all raised up on their long leggy legs (I know they have the long legs to carry their young or eggs underneath them but it still freaks me out a bit and my partner is definitely in charge of catching those and escorting them back outside).So I kind of "cheated" on the theme as I wanted to draw something pretty and I know Arachnophobia is a common one. Maybe its more about getting over a fear of spiders :)

"Arachnid"- Ink Drawing. 

The original will be up for auction or purchase on the Bad Apples Facebook page from the 28th June- Please ask if you would like more details on her in the meantime.


  1. another charming piece, even with the spider ;-).
    I love the colors you have used, i will have to keep an eye on FB ;-)

  2. Thank you :) It's a wonderful collective to be part off, very inspiring. You can find us under Bad Apples Artist Collective there and my own page is Art by Anita Inverarity.