Thursday, 7 February 2013

Whisper of Sith

The latest piece "Whisper of the Sith" is complete. I was aware of lots of symbolism coming to fore as it evolved and its funny but this time I'm almost reading the symbolism in retrospect as I was so immersed in the drawing. The main theme was of the relationship with the fabled Sith Cats and the witch or wise woman, who would leave milk out for the cats on Samhain to bring favour and good fortune.
I see the archways now as portals between this world and the next and representing the thin veil where the mortal and spirit world collide, thought to be heightened on Halloween night. I also see the mirroring of the animals and birds as representing "messengers" from both worlds.
This one was quite a difficult process as the ideas evolved as I drew the piece and I didnt really see it come together until the last moment, so there was lots of "thinking" and "chin scratching" going on. The next piece will probably be portrait format as I think I find it easier on such big artworks, all part of the experimentation. The next work is a Scottish Fairytale "Whuppity Stoorie", look out for some sketches soon.

Happy to share the final piece and some close up details with you....

 Whisper of the Sith- A1 on Illustration Board

 Close up including an Owl & Crow "Familiar"

 Close up detail of a Sith Cat

 Detail of Sith Cat with Archway

Detail of Crow with "Ritual" offerings.  


  1. Wow, Anita - it's wonderful!
    I REALLY love the archways & the wee kitties are just like cats - they imagine they're totally fierce, whilst being very cute at the same time :-)
    Brilliant work xxx