Thursday, 24 January 2013

Whisper of the Sith (Work in Progress)
Some more work in progress. I have been inking across the foreground mainly and have started composing the sketch on the right hand side, including a crow. There will be 2 Sith Cats, 2 Crows and 2 owls in the final piece. The second Sith Cat is now inked and waiting for his background to emerge. On track to finish this one by the end of January.
Other pieces I have been working on have included some on Goddess Myth. I will share a few in the blog as the style is very complimentary and I'm sure ideas from these smaller works will find their way into this project too.

The Foreground taking shape- Still deciding how to pattern the "offering bowl"

The second Sith Cat being inked and some pencil sketching in the right hand corner 

"Imogen" One of my recent "Goddess" pieces- Jan 2013- Sold 


  1. These are looking great - the kitties are fantastically fierce, whilst cute...
    Imogen looks so warm & as ever, the details are incredible. & you drew a *hand*!

  2. Thank you Esther :) Getting to the final chapter with the Sith Cats now so hoping it goes more quickly. Haha my first attempt at a non-stylised hand in ages, almost didn't make it in there- Will do more for practice me thinks ;)