Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Exhibition is almost here...

27th April- 1st June
All 8 of my "Whisper of the Sith" pieces have been delivered to Gallery Heinzel now for the Spring Showcase "Animal Inspirations". Two of my recent bird pieces have also been included.
The exhibition features seven artists who include animals and wildlife within their works. You can read a bit more about it and preview the exhibition on the gallery website (links below). I thought I would group the works together for the first time and it would be wonderful if you could visit in person to see the final presentation of the pieces- Its quite difficult to get an idea of the scale online.
It has almost been a year in the making and now I'm really excited to be seeing them all together again in such a lovely gallery.

Gallery Heinzel Website with Exhibition Preview 
The opening preview is on Saturday 27th April 12pm-3pm (All Welcome)
The exhibition runs until the 1st of June

Here is the artist line up-  
Brian Baxter
Anita Inverarity
Kittie Jones
Arron Lindsay
Madeline Mackay

Cameron Ross
Fiona Thomson



Queen of Elphane SOLD

Dia Greine(SOLD)


Baobhan Sith

Rashiecoats (SOLD)

Whisper of the Sith (SOLD)

Fin Folk

Whuppity Stoorie

The challenge of this project was to work on a larger scale and I will probably write a little reflection on my development during the process since I now have this wee blog, but for now I just want to enjoy the final outcome and continue on some brand new ideas. I have a feeling Scottish Myth and Legend will continue to be a fascination and inspiration. Winding up this post with some heart felt thanks to everyone involved...

Thank Yous
Big Thanks to Mum, Dad & Isabel for help with transportation and storage, Mark for final deliveries, Lesley and Bruce at Frameworks Gallery for the "blinging" presentation and endless help, my friends on Facebook and the Redbubble artist community for their support and encouragement (too many to list but you know who you are), Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Visual Artists Awards for believing in my work and helping me get this project off the ground, Jamie and Georgina xxx, Maura at Gallery Heinzel for including me in her wonderful exhibition and to Phil, my partner, carer and all round "assistant" in all things technically beyond me.     

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