Friday, 7 March 2014

Protector of the Wild

Protector of the Wild
I spoke about my "accidental" start on a Tarot project in my last post. This is the artwork that started off that process. Protector of the Wild is also my "Strength" card. I intend for all of the "cards" to be stand alone artworks so they are all titled differently. When I complete a bit more of the spin off deck I will design a layout & back plate for the cards too.
My intention is to have a long term project that I can dip in and out of and return to for inspiration. I don't intend to set a timescale to finish, just allow for things to unfold. It will be interesting to see if some of the other "cards" reveal themselves to me in this way or if I plan them (I imagine a mixture of both).

A little bit about the "Strength" card -
Traditionally the woman would be shown taming the lion/lioness by holding its jaw and standing above it. The card represents overcoming strong negative emotions such as anger and jealousy and the situation may be a test of the strength to remain calm and in control in a difficult situation.
My take on this card was to give it a more external meaning and it represents for me the approach required to protect and preserve our wildlife. Nothing arouses emotion in me more than the destruction of our wildlife and the disregard of life. I chose to represent "Strength" as the ability to protect and control what is happening through kindness, education and understanding. The woman is cradling the young lioness in my piece, she is at one with her and has found the balance needed to gain power from their alliance. The monkey for me represents communication and the bees are the givers of life, so tiny, yet hugely importance in our ecosystem. I hoped in a reading this card might help someone look within to look outwith (if that makes sense).

"Protector of the Wild"- Ink on Illustration Board by Anita Inverarity 
Available at Gallery Q Dundee until March 15th


  1. such a wonderful project
    your art will make a very special deck!
    this is a gorgeous piece!

  2. I've just discovered your blog. This Strength card is amazing, It captures the spirit of gentle force so beautiful.