Thursday, 22 November 2012

FinFolk (In Progress)

A1 on Illustration Board

My first artwork is based on the legend of the FinFolk from the Orkney Isles, a race of dark sorcerers living under the ocean. The FinMen were well versed in the Magical Arts and could control the seas and storms around the coast. Rising from the deep in boats fashioned without sails they would propel silently by magical means into the fishing waters of the island to pick up messages from their land dwelling FinWives who would send a shape shifting cat to them in the guise of a fish. A deeply feared and malevolent presence who would pull hapless fisher folks to a watery end should they venture into the FinMans path.  

I wanted a sense of silent, static menace with my FinMan. The deliberate stylisation of the face is representative of the Folk/Pictish style that I have been exploring recently and will continue in the pieces.    

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